Teen Pregnancy

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            The World issue that I am dealing with for this project is teen pregnancy. It is an important topic because it can dramatically affect the life of our teens in our generations if a teenage female becomes pregnant and decides to have her child. If she does not, that is taking the life of a person that could’ve grown up and been beneficial to the world. A child that born with teenage parents may not have a fulfilled worry-free life because the parents could not provide for them. This is being torturous to something you would love so dearly because of one irresponsible act in your life.


            My issue is that the teenage pregnancy rate is quickly rising in America. I believe that if teenagers were more knowledgeable about the negative results of this issue they would be more precautionary. It can happen to anyone, no matter how careful you are or how unlikely you think it is for it to happen to you. My goal is also to, if teens feel that they will continue to have sex, educate on how prevent pregnancy with teens. For statistics on teen pregnancy, click here.



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Jennysha Cruz (Student 2015)
Jennysha Cruz

I've noticed you've focused on finding some solid facts from online. Which is always useful when educating someone on a topic.

I would like to see some more of your own writing about the information instead of reading off of a link. Although the link does should you have done your research and from looking on the web link it is a trusted site.

I wonder what results you would see if you've looked up some other blogs or written posts about this topic. Maybe try looking at both sides of the septum to get some more useful ideas!