The International Water Crisis

What do you know about water crisis in the world, not only in Africa? What, you thought I was going to talk about was how people in Africa can’t get water? Many people think that the water crisis is only in far away places like Africa or Asia, but its not, its in our own backyards. It is something that much be addressed immediately, the future of mankind depends on it.

If we continue to consume water at our present rate, we will only have enough water to sustain us for another decade. 

        In the US, we often take things for granted. While most Americans enjoy such luxuries as air-conditioning, laundry machines, and cellphones, many people around the world don't even have access to clean water. Take a look at this chart below.


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Warda Abuali (Student 2015)
Warda Abuali

I noticed overall that it was really short because one of the things that counts is the quality of content. I wonder if you want to have more information on why they can't get no water or the reason they can't get any water. What if you can add a hyperlink to pictures of places that have no water where people are at?

Pierce Luck (Student 2015)
Pierce Luck

I noticed that your writing was kind of short,maybe you could add more detail about the water crisis. I wonder if you could say something about what state is using the most water or the rate of water being lost. I wonder if you could give your own opinion about the water crisis. What if you could add more pictures so I can get a better picture and feeling of what your talking about.