The Right to Assemble

1st Amendment (Right to Assemble)

We can come together and act as a collective voice. We bring awareness from a grass-root level to what we think the issues are and how to solve them. Our unity can convince the government and officials to reform policies and have the interest of the people in mind.

I liked the fact that I was able to go over the things I already do in my city. We were given the ability to create a video that took the form of anything we wanted it to be, which is one of the easiest ways to express yourself and your opinion. Specifically to me, I embody my opinion so personally, I feel like what ever I have to say actually holds some weight to it.

It's always interesting knowing that even after you assemble as a people, there's the possibility that your collective voice might not make an actual difference. There are many times that is the case, which makes me think of the best ways to come together with people and bring people to together. An example of this is Occupy Wall Street, which didn't seem to do much but make a lot of noise, but that's not to say it was pointless.

I could have improved my project by going deeper into the work I do and try to get done in my city. People would then get a serious feel for how deeply the right to assemble actually is to me.

Normally I do all the project myself if I'm working with a group, but this time I didn't because my computer was down. My partner and I added a member to the group after we were already established, my group and I were late, and the communication seemed good, but everyone had their own agenda, which shows of course in the overall work. What did work was the fact that the project came together, and for all the issues we had as a group, it isn't terrible.

If I had to do things over again, I might have worked by myself or took lead more. I normally do, but this time I decided not to be "that guy" which didn't work to my favor too well.

This project reenforced my knowledge that with the right to assemble, there most be movement there after. Without it, a collective voice speaks loudly, but doesn't make progress.