Whats Life Holds For Me

I wonders when change would come and make life different for me it was just like it was yesterday, I was on my mac going on to youtube just wanted to know what new videos were up from my favorite youtuber smosh After that I watch a lot of other video and i thought to myself "what if I could do that" and then I went on iMovie not knowing what I would make but just wanted to try to be funny and fun on camera and I did a video and then edited it to see what it was like and when I looked at it I thought it might not be good enough. a few weeks later I had a friend over at my house paling games and then I went on the computer and ask my friend if He would watch a video I made, he said "ok" and I showed him and he said to me "this is good are you going to put this on youtube and I did put it on and I got 100 views in 1 week and i fought it would not be good but it was good but it was good when I saw the comments and the likes I thought I may or may not have good talent because I thought I could never do anything like this in my whole life. 3 weeks passed and I went on the computer again I checked how the video was doing and I saw it had about 700 views and I thought at the moment that "ok I am getting more popular on the internet I might just might want to do this in my life" I was young at that time not knowing what the future would holed but just go what my heart says I might just might be able to do that. I started to make more videos and vlogs on there and I was getting better and better at recording and editing my videos and at the time I did improve for my videos I did not write how it would go at the time. When I got to high school I learned how to write good essyes and I worte more and I learned that I could make scipes and mini show on the internet. I made my own stories with rescarch and the life lesions in my stories and I became better at writing. On day near Christmas in 2011 I was just chilling with my friend and me and my friend was wondering what we can make next on youtube we had lots of ideas and music idea but I said we could do a TV internet show. He thought it was a good ides and then for the last six months I started making characters and scripts for episodes and I showed to him what we were doing and him and I wanted to be funny and we still continue to make this but we hope what I have done in the past I might get my show high views and great reviews by critics in the future