Women's Masculine Role In Society

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Reflection of Project

I'm really interested in women's rights, and I always have been. When I was young my mom would bring me to some of her Women's Way meetings. So I thought it would be interesting to find out some more information about a topic that I've always been interested in. I started by talking about earning the right to vote, and came together with Marina and we combined the right to vote with other women's rights topics as well. 

I chose the format of a documentary because it's a format in which I feel comfortable creating a product that I will be proud of. I feel that people connect with visuals more than they do with simply reading something and our final movie is definitely something that I can connect with, so I think others will be able to as well. That makes the documentary more real and more interesting to the viewer. 

The parts of this project that were challenging were coming up with a specific timeline and story line to follow as well as finding primary sources that would look good in a documentary. Because both Marina and I had primary source docs from when we wrote our paper we used those, but then still had to find more to go along with our new thesis. On the other hand, some things that went well were coming up with a script and piecing everything together with smooth transitions and relatable topics.

If I were to do it again I would probably find more of a specific story, then look for documents that related to that story so viewers could follow along more intently, by following a story.  

In the process of doing this project, I learned both sides of the story of women's rights and why it's important that we have rights for women in this country, and that there are rights for women all over the world. I learned about the different movements and the stages of women's suffrage, and I think that now I have a proper understanding for what women's suffrage really means to the women in this country and how it relates to me.