World war 3, Op-Ed

World War 3.

You ever about if there will be a third world war? Well, maybe it’s in motion.  There’s a little place in North African, called Tunisia. A little vendor burned himself alive, and put in motion what could be the third world war. After the revolution in Tunisia happened, there was one in Egypt that was monumental, another uprising in Syria, and an uprising in Libya. In Libya fighting has broken out and the US has intervened, we can expect them to intervene in the Syrian situation as well. This could bring another war into affect, because of the positioning and the importance of Syria if The United States tries to intervene Iran, will step in, then causing another world war. To say that this isn’t bad for the United States, because war produces money, like in factories and produces jobs. 

Tunisia is where this all started, a street vendor. He went to college in Tunisia, but with Tunisia’s horrible economy he didn’t find a good enough job, so he had to sell fruit. “There were too many smart young people and too little jobs in Tunisia” Says Kim Marzouk. Who lived in Tunisia for the first 25 years of his life before coming to America.

In Egypt, the situation has calmed down to where they’re rebuilding their government. There military is in powerful, but a slip, and we could see something like what happened in Haiti? 

There has been tension between the United States and the Middle East for years, and this is just something to maximize that violence.

This is what America need. In the 1950’s America was facing hard times, they entered World War 2, which brought money to the United States. Money comes in from factories that make weapons of war like tanks, guns, warplanes and ammunition.  

If you think about what’s really good for our country this would be it But, it could also good for our enemy countries. Iran’s nuclear presence worries the United States, and an engage of the United States into Syria could prompt Iran into declaring war which will prompt all of The United States alleys to invade, like Poland, Qatar, Norway, Spain, and many more.

All and all. This might be a long shot, because the United States could be fearful to tamper with Syria because of the Situation it has with other Middle Eastern countries could prompt a nuclear war. My Parents have inside knowledge about the situation, and they agree. “If American touches Syria, then Iran will declare war, we will see action from Lebanon’s Hezbollah, and his group, which will prompt other terrorist groups in Afghanistan, like Al-qudia. 

All in all, this might be the worst thing that could come from all of this, war, death and destruction. But, in the long run, it might be helpful for the United States.