A1 Artist Statement

In creating my images I wanted to have a variety that I could feel proud about. One of the projects painting the surface of a ceiling tile. For that project I decided that I wanted to paint a sierpinski triangle on a ceiling tile using the colors blue green and yellow. I chose to create a sierpinski triangle because it represents what I like to draw. I like drawing shapes and I like drawing things with symmetry in them. I chose the colors blue green and yellow for my sierpinski triangle because those colors seem to both contrast and complement each other. They go well together and I found that they would make my painting stand out.

The second project we worked on was any drawing of our choice we. We could chose whatever we wanted to draw as long as it looked like we put in a solid effort. When choosing what to draw, I wanted to chose something that interested me, or something that was very vibrant in color and detailed. I immediately thought of Butterflies. There is some thing about them that is quite interesting and colorful. I decided to search for an image of a Butterfly online to get an idea of what to draw. So many of the pictures were so simple, yet when inspected, were so very detailed, and that fascinated me.

We also had to do a self portrait which is something I have done before. I wanted to take a picture that would describe how I felt when doing this project. I decide to take a simple picture of myself with focused face. I was focused on this assignment which is why I took a fairly standard picture of myself. I like it because there is not a lot happening in the picture it is focused on me in front of a window with light shining through, showing that this is a self portrait of me. Everything seems normal and how it should be which is what I like