"A a Z" The Spanish Alfabeto

No language can exist without some form of the alphabet and spanish is no exception. Not only is the alphabet essential for spelling but pronunciation as well. 

In order to properly use the spanish alphabet you must know
-how to differentiate between letters

Here is  chart of all the letters and their correct pronunciations

A (ah)B (beh)C (seh)D (deh)E (eh)
F (efeh)G (hey)H (acheh)I (eeeeeeee)J (hota)
K (kah)L (eleh)M (emeh)N (eneh)*Ñ (enyeh)
O (o)P (peh)Q (cooo)R (ereh)S (eseh)
T (teh)U (oooo)V (beh)W (doble beh)X (equis)
Y (eeegriega)Z (seta)
*There is the letter ñ in the spanish alphabet and not the english. This is the only different letter so be careful.

Here is a helpful game to assist you in learning the pronunciation of the alphabet

Phonetic Rules

-H’s are always silent

-2 l’s together are pronounced as an english y

-2 r’s together are to be rolled

-Ay sounds the same as i

-Ge sounds like he

Here is a video of a child learning how to spell their name. His spanish speaking father is teaching her how to spell in their language.

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