A Bea With Three Cs

Being a well rounded and happy person is hard. We all strive to be one, but we don’t always succeed. Why is that? Why is it so hard to cover all the bases in one person? Well that’s just it. We are each one person with a set of skills that work together to make us who we are. Our strengths compliment each others’; we pick up where someone else’s strengths may lack. It takes a group of unique individuals with different skill sets to create a fully well rounded and functional machine. In this blog you will hear about 3 parts of my skill set that I bring to the table. Do my strengths complement yours? Read on to find out.


Constant Curiosity

There is nothing more exciting than something brand new. The universe is infinite, and there are countless things to be learned within it. Whether it be an artist who is changing people’s lives with garbage, or the complex inner workings of calculus, there is always something new to discover. I find myself the most excited by what is new to me, and I am constantly hungry to find more or those new things. My favorite research takes place when someone mentions a topic that no one else has heard of. I like to bring those stories out of the woodwork and let them shine. It’s overwhelming how vast information can really be. There are so many topics to learn about that I don’t even know exist yet, but that only floods me with excitement. I love to learn and try to be a sponge for new ideas and forgotten histories.

Comprehensive Contemplation

I am the one who plays Devil’s Advocate in class discussions when no one else will. I am the person who tells you to stop ratting on someone before attempting to see things through their eyes. I am the one who tries to rationalize every decision, perspective, opinion, and standpoint people have or make before I can fully conclude my opinion. People mean a lot to me. I believe everyone has the ability to be ‘good’ and so I take it upon myself to examine things as if they had pure intentions at heart. This does not mean I have no personal beliefs. I have my morals and stand by them, I just choose not to judge others until I have considered their reasonings and deemed them unreasonable. Doing this leads to more comprehensive opinions on my part because I have looked at both sides and formed my own well informed conclusions, and I feel that both sides are being represented. Many people overlook this as a skill and see it more as a research tactic, but for me, it’s ingrained in my conscience. I feel guilty when someone is spoken of without consideration of their circumstance, no matter the situation. I feel frustrated when people make conclusions that ignore the opposition. I try my hardest to bring a voice to the other side, regardless of if it aligns with my views, so that we can all gain perspective and a better understanding of our own stances.


Crafty Creativity

I learn best by doing. I always have. If you look at me, I am often fiddling with something, whether it be my own hands or a small toy, there is always something going on. I love creative tasks with crafty solutions. Costume making, prop design, poster creating, presentation templates; I am always up for the most tedious and tiny details. I fall in love with an idea, an image, or an emotion and I run with it, not stopping until it’s achieved. I put my all into the things I want to create, and I make sure that my vision is accomplished using whatever is available to me. I often make the most of software and materials by reengineering it to fit my needs. I never take no for an answer to creative problems, and I let my ideas shine through.


All of these skills are parts of what make me who I am and help me compliment others. I am a driven person with loads of ideas and ambition, and I work best with people who share my dreams but shine where my organization skills sometimes lack. I work well with individuals who can take my ideas and help put me on a track to see them through. I know my strengths, what works well with them, and how to be a team player. With those skills, anything is possible, in college and beyond. College is truly one massive group project. You go to classes where you work with professors, and then go to study groups where you work alongside peers. You join clubs and sports teams to work on your communication and collaborative skills, and you live in dorms to test how well you can socialize and adapt around others. You are constantly put in positions where your skills can mesh with those around you, and I think my skill set puts me in a great place to be successful in college and eventually in the world. I have big dreams and a big heart and all the passion and compassion to help others. My skill set shows my drive to make change and my drive to see the world through other people’s eyes to come up with creative solutions. I have no doubt that I can make an impact if I take advantage of my strengths and the strengths of others and put them to good use.



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Abigail Shagin (Teacher)
Abigail Shagin

Bea, it's so wonderful to read about things you notice in yourself. I would say that everything you said about yourself has revealed itself to me in the time that I've known you! Great work!