A botched Internet by Jordan Meriwether and Osman Bangura

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To respond to a project of this magnitude is a lot, but I will do as I can. We were instructed to create a fake piece of literature that would encapsulate something about the current era. We chose to discuss a fake movie that would discuss the ideas of social acceptance and critic the ideas of using plastic surgery and social media. There were three parts to this project we had to make in response to this movie: Cultural Fabric, Audience Response, and Press Release. Each aspect would need dive deeper into what this creation was.

The Cultural Fabric was supposed to relate different works to our movie based on its central theme of social acceptance. We chose to make it an overview of what watching the movie is like and would relate different texts to our movie through references thrown into the text. We felt this gave the reader a better understanding of the structure of the book since they would have other works to compare it to.

The Audience Response showed how people reacted to the movie’s conception. We chose to do a Rotten Tomatoes critique of the movie; each of the reviewers would give their own personal opinion on what the movie what supposed to represent and give a rating. We felt this would add to what we felt could be interpreted from this fictional work showing a wide variety of views from the offended to the understanding.

Finally, the Press Release was meant to show what the first thing the people would see from the movie, this could be anything from a trailer to an commercial. We chose to make two alternate posters since we felt the visual aspect would give us a chance to talk about the deeper meaning behind some of the scenes in the movie. We discussed the symbolic nature of the film and even went into detail on the different aspects of the movie.

Overall, I felt this was a great project giving us a chance to create something big and explain our understanding of it.