A Coin Only Haves Two Sides

Isabella suffers from Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder. You can hear during the audio ( or see while reading), Isabella shows all the signs of her mental illness through the emotional strengths she displays while speaking and a rhyming pattern that is defined as clinging. Also, you can read the results and contents of her hallucinations convincing her that Melson and Mr. Paxton is having some sort of an sexual affair after the school doors close. You'll also notice how her personality changes during the ending of the monologue showing her current state and seriousness of her dissociative identity disorder. She goes from loving Vicky, to almost hating her and launching extremely insults towards her, and her love shifting from her loving Vicky to her loving Melson than to her shifting once more to her loving Vicky once again. Displaying the personality traits, physical appearance, and personal thoughts of each personality. Another way I try to display her mental illness seriousness is her answering and talking to the voices she hears in her head, having a full conversation with them displaying the seriousness of her schizophrenic disorder.


                                                                                                                                        Octavain A. Davis


                                                                                                        English 2

                                                                                        Teacher: Ms. Pahomov

                                                                                         Monologue Assignment

Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OsEvWrxwGE&feature=youtu.be


Title: A Coin Only Haves Two Sides

Ugh, I can't believe that slob Mr. Paxton! He switched our seats and now my beautiful flower is so far away from me, no longer vivid to my eye sight.

What? *Says surprised.*

She´s seated next to that abomination Melson! Why is she starring at him like that, can't she see he´s not even paying attention to her!

He's no better than can sam flim flam slur fur sir where we were.

Shut the fuck up! * Screams loudly*

I know what i'm doing. *Isabella says while lowering her voice*

I know Vicky loves me, I know it it.  * laughing.*

She kissed me yesterday in class when Mr. Paxton went to get our test papers from the office. I felt my body shiver from the boobs down. Am i good enough for her? No! She deserves more than a poor girl that deserves to be in a mental institution,

*Looks at audience*

Ya know, I suffer from Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder.

*Looks back at Vicky and Melson sitting together*

And now she´s sitting next to that, that faker Melson!

I know all of Melson's secretes, he can't hide from me. *Says nervously*

I see how Mr. Paxton loo..

Did he just wink at him! *shocked*

Oh my god, is this what I hear when I get tutored after school in the next room?!

I know what Melson is all about, he takes pictures of Mr. Paxton when no one's looking, I know it! Something that Isabella should do more often. I bet you Melson's a real beast in the sac. *laughs*

And that skink Vicky is really all over him like he´s really going to take the times out of his day to really acknowledge her. First of all, he wants a big strong rich man like myself. Not some skinny white girl that eats salads everyday for lunch and takes public transportation. *Said in a snobby voice stuck up voice*

What could she do for him, c´mon really. She´s poor and has absolutely no shape.

I could take him in my new Lincoln and give him a real ride if you catch my drift. *laughs* Something she can never do with that skinny horrific body. I would recommend surgery but *laughs*, she doesn't have the money for that. Hell, nothing can help that, that thing. She´s just bound to live her life looking like a mentally disturbed duck whilst gazing upon my beautiful biceps and killer looks. Not to mention my over loaded pockets. With these looks and this money, who wouldn't want me. Even straight guys want me.

*Looks at audience*

Sorry guys, Juan can be a real jerk at times.

*Isabella looks at Vicky from across the room and winks at her including a cocky smile with it*

Oh my god, she is to cute! What do I do though, every since she kissed me i've been so shy to confront her. Screw it!

*Isabella stands up, and say out loud*

Vicky! I love you! I´ve been holding in but I can't no more! Yes, the rumors are true. But that what makes me unique! I do suffer from a mental illness, two at that! And i´m gay! But just because i´m not like everyone else, shouldn't determine your answer to my question,

*The whole class is quiet, and Vicky is looking at Isabella quiet while displaying a nervously shocked facial expression waiting for an answer.*

Will you be my girlfriend? *Isabella says nervously*

*The whole class turns around in disbelief and resume their work, including Vicky. Isabella displays a sad facial expression, sits down, and buries her face in her arms on the desk. Vicky then gets up, and walks over to Isabella, slipping her a piece of paper. Isabella looks up with tears flowing down her face and she begins to read the note*

267-965-9351? Is this her number!?

*Vicky looks back at Isabella and winks. Isabella then looks towards the audience, and displays a huge smile.*

I guess she´s not so far after all.

Please check out the videos below to get a more vivid image for the character I was trying to introduce in my monologue.

Dissociative Identity Disorder:



Schizophrenia simply explained: