A need for the Patriot Act?

The Patriot Act breaks out to be a law that is empowered by the government, which beholds enforcement's such as surveillance and investigations. I, certainly believe that the Patriot Act has protected the U.S from virtuous attacks. People may consider dropping the law because they have the attitude of "we're not going to get hit anymore" or something along them lines. But, No! If we drop the law that will draw more attention and it would take away our own safety and outlooks upon our radar. If there was one thing, just one thing that George W. Bush did correctly, it would be signing the Patriot Act law. On another hand, is the Patriot Act a threat to the bill of rights as well? 'We're losing security and liberty, inescapably'; although we're just gaining and adding more surveillance. I most certainly agree with Eric Posner, he thinks we still need the Patriot Act. 'If not the whole law, at least some portions to protect people from threats to their safety.' I think we should still keep the law, simply because nothing happened within 11 years since the terrible attacking from 9/11. Besides, what will we do without radars and surveillance to protect us from oncoming attacks? Is there another method?