A Never Ending Battle//Gabriella Torres

“What’s going on here?”

Everyone’s silent, looking around trying to figure out what was going on.

“I don’t understand why he’s constantly trying to make himself seem that he can do more or just lie about what he doesn’t do.” The first thing that was projectiled out of my mouth when I was asked what was going on by his dad.

The room slowly dimming down and more and more people opening and closing the doors making more ruckus than before. While everyone trying to have a say, gliding their hands making movements to have a stronger opinion. “You guys need to chill out” Looking around wondering trying to figure out who exactly is speaking but, I can’t see. All i wanted to do was block out everyone and what they felt they needed to get across..

I was egure to get up and walk away. My mom pulled me aside and told me to calm down and to not speak to him. Since there is no point to argue with someone that feels the need to believe that getting likes on Instagram is more important then keeping your grades up and telling the truth about anything in general.

“I’m play varsity basketball next year for Northeast” all that was heard while we were all talking about school and how everyone was doing in their classes.

As soon as this was said I realized he had said just 10 minutes before that he had only had a spot for JV and wouldn’t be able to make varsity till sophomore year. But I let it blow off because I’m already used to my cousin feeling the need to put himself on higher peddle stool then where he actually is.

Our family on my mothers side is pretty close. Between all the cousins there are three of us that become the same age in the matter of three months. I turn 15 in March, my cousin Jayden turns 15 in April and Aliyah in May. He feels that he needs to make himself seem better in situations since out of the three of us Aliyah and I were already in highschool and were starting to feel the pressure of the work and the change in environment we were placed in.  

He was still in the mentality of social media is everything. School’s a breeze when in reality he was still struggling but still was lying because he was getting all these comments and likes on his instagram posts. Let be honest real quick; all the comments were the same 3 people spamming his comments. So he truly had 3 fans. There's something about the world today that everything relies on how many lies or viewers you get on social media. Which is where his mindset lays at. It created a tension between us two. As soon as I had gone onto his live he had wanted to say anything so his fans could hear. Talking about how “I am not an athlete”, how he plays almost triple the amount of sports then I have. Hence the fact that he's only played 2 sports and I've played 5, but you know he makes it out to seem like he's better.

What really triggered everything while we were at the table sitting waiting for dinner to be done, was they way he continued to target me for no reason. Which made the intentions of him trying to bring me down clear, and I was not about to let him bring me down knowing he was lying to everyone.

Everytime I initially hear something that is for sure untrue, that comes out of his mouth, I realize that it isn’t worth my time saying anything to him because what’s the point of telling lies if it won’t get you anywhere. If, I know that I am doing what I need to do in the end and being true to myself I know I will get somewhere in the end. Lying gets you nowhere, especially when your trying to brag about something that has no effect on where it will get you later in life with social media.