A Presentation On Public Education At TFI

​Name: Andrew Chalfen
Mentor: Chris Lehmann
Supporter 1: Doug Herman
Supporter 2: Luke Van Meter
Out of School Mentor: Alice Ginsberg
Out of School Supporter 1: Fredrick Bertley

Topic Summary:

The goal of this project was to understand the economics behind public school education and immerse myself in the environments that are effected. Through that process I created a website to outline my work (http://achalfen.wix.com/savephilly). After that I set up a time at the Franklin Institute to give a presentation on my project. Through my presentation I educated and raised awareness of over sixty different people.


This project was inspired by two events in my life. First was a constant delay in transportation after an away basketball game leaving me wondering about the environments of the schools I was visiting. Second was a conversation I had with Mr Herman about white flight in the strawberry mansion area. As my project progressed I was constantly finding myself surprised by how the reputations of many schools were far worse then the school itself. I studied budets and the effects it has on educational culture and learned a lot of surprising information. My presentation at TFI was probably the biggest moment of my academic career not only being filled with my teachers and peers from SLA but also many family members and around 30 of my closest friends from outside of school came and supported me. My project created of serious issues that could potentially impact future generations of students in Philadelphia.