A Quiet Place becomes less quiet? Alex C & Addison Z

The Movie “A Quiet Place” is originally a horror movie that doesn’t have a lot of dialogue, so we decided to do our version of “A Quiet Place” which is “A Quiet School” in which is a horror-comedy instead of just a horror. Because “A Quiet Place” is a horror, we wanted to maintain that horror but add comedy. But how can we add comedy if there’s no talking? We decided to incorporate actions more so than a cinematographic element. Though, we did keep the elements needed for a horror movie, that includes camera shakes, shoulder-shots, close-ups, tracking, and more in order to keep that horror aspect. At the beginning of the trailer we wanted to make people question what are they looking at, and what are they hearing? After the first scene, we decided to make it more of a casual type of “movie” and decided to go with casual clothing, and keeping an eye-level angle with the camera. It allowed it to make it seems like everything was fine and equal until the “horror” kicked in. Thus, the camera work became more intense as the background sound become intense. It also became fast pace, making you see and take in a lot of information going on in the movie trailer. The fast pace comes from the constant cutting during a scene or two giving it that effect. We also added a first person shot while the actors were running to give the viewer a feel of what is going on. There were many shots that were still due to the fact of the green screen not being big enough for a track motion shot. To make sure we were able to get the message out there the acting and expressions were able to serve that purpose.

The soundtrack plays a big part of the trailer due to its aspect of giving it a suspenseful feeling throughout the trailer. Without it, the trailer would’ve looked random and dull. But the soundtrack can't just make it horror, in a horror-comedy trailer. During some scenes, the soundtrack was lowered in order to hear what was going on in the scene. Or what you can call “Comedic break.” The comedic break was helpful due to the very fast pace scenes going on throughout the trailer. How we used the comedic break into the horror scene was we first changed the sound of the trailer giving the audience a different type of feeling rather than a suspense feeling the whole time. We just stop the audio so the audience can hear what was happening (which was the slap.) The audio stop on the slap wasn’t the only thing where it occurred. Later on the trailer a scene with another character conversing with the suppose two protagonists you hear the audio dimming down and was able to hear what was going on the scene with the 3 of them going back and forth shushing and asking for money. Throughout the whole trailer, we didn’t use as many elements as we would’ve thought and planned out, but the trailer was still able to become a horror, that was also had a comedic sense implemented.