A Rough Case in the life of a Hero

(Character picks up eviction note from their front door.)

Ohh my lord, is this for me??? Bob Schmucks!?

(Opens the envelope.)

To hell with it, I have to call the landlord.

(Reads it a bit before immediately rushing to the phone.)

 Lemme just see…

(Dials buttons with immediate quickness and puts phone to his ear as he starts the discussion off murmuring.) 


(For the first 10 seconds there is silence from the other side of the line and then a monotone voice could be heard.)

Well sir, this is Bob Schmucks and I got a dilemma here. I got an eviction notice on this paper directing from this number, so ya think you could inform me a little ON WHY THE HELL THIS DAMN THING IS HERE.

(The man on the other end assertively tied the discussion to his advantage as he began thoroughly explaining the cause of his upcoming eviction) 


(The man on the other end’s talking speed increases as he tries to retaliate to Bob’s flurry of words to the point he nearly began to mumble)

(The character waves both arms in the air, placing one on his chest and begins pressing his chest with a hand slowly as a signaling gesture to calm himself)

(Character puts phone down) 

Woohh Bob..Woooh. Saah. Because if god so help me I don't calm down I'll lose this house for indeciency. 

(After a moment of silence, the character picks up the phone once again, but no voice was heard so he redialed the number. Eventually a voice could be heard once again.)

..Yes..sir, this is Bob. So I just wanted to tell you that I DID fax those papers to you, the monthly bills. And it clearly shows a record of all the paid due fees. Please check, your accountant should see them. (He gulps simulateously at the end of his statement as if he were wrong for saying this.) 

(There was silence on the other line, then the voice immediately ran on, an apology could be heard on the other end as the words such as ''cancel the eviction and the writ as soon as possible, we must have had the wrong individual.''And then another series of apologetic phrases.)

Thank the lord…! (He takes a deep breathe, but immediately ending the call and placing the phone back in its original position.)

(He bows his head down and his enthusiastic expression fades as he steadily sat himself on the chair; in a moment's notice he rotates his head towards the eviction note, tearing it into pieces.) 

I realize I don't deserve this. I didn't ACTUALLY pay these bills, I stole Jimmy Joe's paid bills and faxed them with his name precluded. Here, here, here are my real bills! (He opens a drawer and lifts up the almost texture rough stack of papers. His actual bills, he did not pay a single one for nearly 2 years.) 

(He pulled up a cigar and pressed them on his lips, sucking in the tainted air. He blew it out as the vapor was visible in the air before him.)

I know I didn't deserve it, but all I wanted was what's best for my family, if it wasn't for my family…Well I'd…I'd, spend every single dime on my cigars. My deceased wife, my son and daughter. I did this for them! 

Please please, just tell me what you would do if you were in my position Laury. Without you here anymore, I got no wisdom, no direction and most importantly no charge. 

And the only wish I truly desire is…Well all I'm asking is..W-well lord just give me strength.