A Slide about Me

When I was creating my slide I started and really wanted to include a lot of things but then I realized if I did that it could be distracting to the eye. So i decided to keep it simple so it shows you who I am without being overwhelming to the eye. As you can see my slide has a ukulele on it and I put the vinyl record in the body of the uke. I did that so that everything looked like it was supposed to be there. I included two things I love that were under the same topic and the title of my me magazine to connect the two together in  a way. I kept the font big but not so big that my audience couldn't pay attention to me and what i was saying. I stayed with a basic white background to make my text and pictures pop. I added the world in the word world to incorporate movement in the slide. Itś a gif so you're not just looking a a bland slide. so  welcome to my world I hope you enjoyed.

Me Google Slide Jade Gilliam

Comments (2)

Assirem Hosni (Student 2020)
Assirem Hosni

The large amount of space you applied on the slide gives it a pure look, although the side of the picture, has an image and the other side doesn't. It unbalances the slide .. So maybe applying some time of image on the other side as well. to balance it out.

Simone Cruice-Barnett (Student 2020)
Simone Cruice-Barnett

I think that the simplicity in the color scheme works well, however the pictures are very unbalanced and doesn't let you focus on the whole slide. The globe is creating a tangent because it is touching the W but not the R.