A Story by Olivia & Chemi


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Rosalie Swana (Student 2016)
Rosalie Swana

I really loved yours. You made sure to relate it to systems. You showed that the stereotypes and things that other people said made it harder for her to make friends. It was really great!

Hannah Nicoletti (Student 2016)
Hannah Nicoletti

The social system represented was stereotypes of foreign people.

It did push my think ing because I personally have never experienced that, so it showed me what people go through.

Nicholas Lepera (Student 2016)
Nicholas Lepera

You really represented the huge problem of prejudice in society today and in the past, and you questioned could it be different in the future. You gave an excellent example of the plague of racism that you connected with your own personal experiences. This really made me think as to how all those around me may have been treated in the past and the possibility of them being mistreated in the future. It is as if people somehow hold faith in one race as superior and it really bugs me because it is impossible for us to decide what race we are and it goes further than race. There are all sorts of physical characteristics that can lead to bullying and discrimination and there's no reason why this should happen. We grow and form the way we grow and form, nobody gets to choose what they look like. Excellent piece. 10/10 would give Golden Globe award.

Tamira Bell (Student 2016)
Tamira Bell

I really love this video!! Great Job!! 1. The racial system was represented. The plot was about how Ming was bullied because she was an immigrant. 2. Your project pushed my thinking because it made me think about how I treat people (esp. those who are of different nationalities.