A Tragedy that Turned into Happiness

Since the day I was born, family has always been by my side through whatever. Through the drama, the tragedies, the unforgettable moments, and the good times. Many people aren’t as close to their great grandmother because they either didn’t get to meet them or they never seen them as often. Well it’s different for me, I was close with my great grandmother, Auristela. She was such a sweetheart and always worried about her family. The bond she had with everyone is the true definition of a great family bond. Unfortunately, everything came crashing down the day we lost her. Auristela’s wish was for our family to always stay together and not lose contact. She wanted to make us realize how important family is. We all made sure to not break her promise so we had the best family reunion ever.

It was August 23, 2013 and it was a very hot day. Sweat dripping down everyone’s faces and kids running around having the time of their lives. I was helping my mom setting down the food on the tables and when I tell you there were a bunch of bees, there were a bunch of bees! My mom kept telling me to not worry but I was only 10 years old, I couldn’t help myself. All of my cousins arrived from Philadelphia which I was ecstatic about. They were like siblings to me because I never had siblings to mess and tons of fun with. Everyone had red and white on, my great grandmother’s favorite rose colors. There was a basketball court where I played basketball with my cousins, then I went to the playground to play with my more younger cousins. My cousin, Josh, who is my age thought he was super cool doing tricks on the playground equipment. He was on the monkey bars and was swinging back and forth upside down. I told him plenty of times to get down before he fell but he didn’t listen. Everyone tells me I’m the mother of the kids, anyways he did fall and I laughed because I told him so. He got really upset so he went to his mom and stayed with her for the rest of the day. In the playground there was a rocking horse, I’m not sure of the exact name but my cousin and I were both on it. I’m sure by saying you already know it did not end well. My cousin began slipping off the back of the horse and she was grabbing me so she wouldn’t fall. We both fell and I crashed her when we landed. The ground to the playground were like little pebbles so it wasn't the greatest landing.

When it got dark everyone came closer together and we had a nice time telling stories and just laughing. I would have to say this was a great family reunion. This was the first family reunion my family has ever done. It was really exciting because people I hardly see were there and people closest to me were there as well. It was what my great grandmother wanted and we fulfilled her dying wish. It was very hard for all of us when we lost her because she was a big part in everyone’s life. Every time I spent a summer in New York my grandmother and I went to her house to bring her breakfast and coffee. We would help her grocery shop and sometimes just go for fun. It would always put a smile on her face knowing we were there for her every step of the way.

Being older now I have realized family is such a big inspiration in my life. Even through the toughest time we would never push each other away. I’m mostly closest with my mother’s family but I always keep contact with some parts of my father’s family. I will always know that family is most important and I will never let someone down when they need me the most. It breaks my heart when I know someone who doesn’t have family to lean on through the toughest times. Hope fully reading this, it will inspire you to get in touch with family you haven’t heard from or cherish those you are most closest with.

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