A Tragic Hero

Macbeth Reflection
  1. In my movie it’s just a summarization of Macbeth growth to from Thane of Glams to a dead king.
  2. The process in creating this piece went into a state of confusing, first I was going to work with a partner at first on a dance piece but then that couldn’t happen because that person was going away for the weekend. So then I decided to do a dance piece by myself but then I couldn’t because there wasn’t enough time for me to put together a combination. There a just decided to create an iMovie showing the progression of Macbeth’s life. 
  3. As previously stated, the process was difficult for me because nothing really worked out with my partner and by myself so I decided to just change it all up by making a movie. 
  4. I’m most proud of the tone of the movie, the tone describe how Macbeth’s life transition to a life full of misery. 
  5. As always with all my projects, I have to plan fully out mainly with collaboration and time periods. 
  6. I didn’t have a chance to view my classmates’ projects so I didn’t really learn anything from them. 
  7. I learned that my abilities to do a creative piece are challenged each time I do this because what I think I’m strong may be the total opposite.