Aaron's Process Paper: English Benchmark Quarter 3

After our groups were told what their topic was, my group decided to break up the work into four’s. Ayoola and Tiege worked on the website, Vannary worked on the brochure, Ethan worked on the T-Shirt and I worked on the song. at first it took us a while to come up with the ideas to use to capture our audience, our audience were the parents of the children. We felt that we could reach the parents through the children and once the children are hooked the parents have no choice to look up what their kids are talking about.

Since I had to create a song, I had to come up with an idea first. Which was really hard because I didn’t know where to start. At first, I wrote a song that listed fast food restaurants and spelled out Obesity. That song was horrible, so what I did next was went home and watched the Beyonce video where the kids and her are dancing in the lunchroom. After that I started to write and an idea popped into my head.

So with that Idea, I created Get up and Move. After the classed listen to the song, some people said it was pretty corny but I felt like at least you heard the message get across. Other people told me that they thought the song was good because they understood what I was getting at and they got the message just like that. 

I liked working with my group because everything flowed together. Even though we didn’t together 100% of the time, I felt as if we presented what we knew, what we learned and what we felt would grab the attention of the children’s parents.