Aaron Block's Slide

Aaron Block Slide

For my color scheme, I tried to stick with yellow and red. The yellow pops out with the red behind it making it eye catching and easy to read.
Size: I tried to make the text as large as possible. I also tried to keep the size the same. Unfortunately, sometimes I could not fit text of that size into the slide.
Placement and angling: I made sure that the text and pictures were lined up as best as possible with one another. I also angled the heading text.
Repetition: I am most lacking in repetition. It was only one slide so there was not a lot of room for repetition.


I learned that lots of the time, pictures are better than words. I also learned that having less stuff on my slide makes it look less cluttered and more neat. I also learned how to use bleeding to my advantage to create a slide that flows well. I kept the color scheme the same but changed the font to match the rounded edges of the notes.