Aaron Watson-Sharer Capstone

For my senior year capstone project, I continued to follow my passion and completed a historical website about the history of Nicaraguan Baseball and the game's life today. For me, I love the game and my heritage for the most part is strongly rooted in Nicaragua, so I wanted to make the first legitimate website on Nicaraguan Baseball in history. It can be a very useful source to anyone with similar interests. I covered active Major League players from Nicaragua, the game's origin and local legends, one who happens to be a late relative of my cousins, Stanley Cayasso. I conducted interviews when I had the privilege to go to Nicaragua, which were very enriching and helped construct a more honest website.

I struggled on finding a concrete capstone project idea. I flirted with a handful of ideas, including one where I go camping and use no technology for a week. That would've been hard to pull off. I had to get realistic and I chose to do something I mostly enjoy to do. Talk and write baseball. The process at first was simple. I'd say in March it really picked up because I had pages on my website to fill and that's not easy. I learned a lot about what I like, and that baseball still is my favorite topic in the world. Always something new in baseball, even in a historical Nicaraguan website.