ABC's of Death - T Redo

Ian Fay & Myi Harte

The movie that we picked to redo a scene for is the ABC’s of Death, it is a movie that 26 directors worked on to tell 26 different stories of 26 ways to die from letters of the alphabet. That means that every scene corresponds to a different letter and that is the title of the scene, One way to look at it you have the letter A and A is for Apocalypse. The movie falls under a Comedy and a horror, All of the directors working on the film had free rang to do all that want for the final scene that they had. Showing that when looking at the movie we saw that all scenes open with a pan from something red and ends panning in on something red. People say that the ABC’s of Death takes you into snapshots of modern day horrors. When working on this scene redo we want to work this a scene that doesn’t really have a set death in it but something that was left open and up for the audience to think of what was it really the end and did they really die.

The scene from the Letter T is done with claymation, the change made to our redo scene is that it will be live action, this makes the scene really different do to we can't cut someone in half and put them in a toilet. Also in the scene the claymation has the toilet in the child's dream transform into a monster that eats his mom and dad after they throw out his toilet set. The toilet scene is first used in the scene as the start of the red and pans out to show that the set has a face on it. Also the set is used at the end to pan back in and end the scene.That is how every scene in the movie starts and ends.

The changes to the props and how it would work in a live action scene would be the kid is in school and the bear that he had in the claymation scene would be his book bag. Another prop that would need to change would be fake blood and just leave it up to the people watching to think on the death.

The redo of the scene-

The scene opens up on a kid in school who is just getting out of his class and is heading to the bathroom. He sees two of his friends walking there as well and the two kids begin to joke about how the main kid keeps wetting his pants. The two kids continue to bully him about there rumor as they head into the bathroom ahead of the main kid. All of the sudden, he hears screams from inside and rushes into the bathroom and as he opens the door to the bathroom, he that the two kids are being murdered by a monstrous toilet that came to life, close to when the child in the scene sees his parents get eaten by the toilet. They will both get killed of in similar ways to the parents. The main kid stands terrified at what he just saw as he mauled by the toilet as well.

It will then cut to the kid waking up from a nap at school, looking up trying to find out what is going on. (get other actes to scream as they enter the bathroom and the door closes, child walks in to see friends are dead.) After looking around kid gets his bag and walks to the bathroom with the same two kids before and he is afraid because of the scene before. He goes into one of the stalls plays the monster sound. The door opens the kid is dead on the toilet like Elvis Presley. The dad in the claymation scene talked about elvis so it would be fitting to have that in the scene then a head in the toilet. The two kids see the death and the last shot includes them screaming in the bathroom in horror of what they just saw.