Abdullah's Capstone

​My capstone was about using engineering skill stop fix the water fountain in SLA. This intrigued me because I want to be a future engineer. I started off very slow and picked it up. I worked with my mentor in helping me figure out how to diagnose problems. He always helped perfectly. With his guidance I learned about some plumbing. Also, I used a lot of my own mind to solve some problems. 
My strength in my capstone was that it was very eye opening for me. In a project of this sort you can never have a set timeline. I learned that you can fix multiple problems then have many news ones show up. This is very good for life. Now I can use this for myself in the future. 
Some struggles I had was that  some of the tools where hard and I had to go to outside sources such as google or Home Depot. There the people were very helpful. I fixed all the problems that I found but a new one has arose. In these next few weeks I plan on dressing this new problem. My capstone will succeed.