About ME!!

In my 9th grade Tech class, my teacher introduced a project. This project is supposed to build on from our, "Coats of Arms" in our English class. With this project, we had to create a single slide that we feel represents us. We then had to create a script saying why we put the items that we did on the slide. Once we created and finished our slide, we will then later present to the class. We will then be graded by our teacher and classmates. This will help us when we create a new slide.



I used the black background because I knew that it would help my other words pop out. It made the contrast even better. I used the visuals (pictures) because I know that it would help send out the message. I picked the size of the pictures because I did not want it to be that big, but also not that small. The words I put on the screen are all words that describe something. The something is the family. I picked to me each word a different colore because the words have a certain mood. The mood was the color I picked. I did not put the words in close proximity because I wanted them to all be spaced out from each other so the reader could let them all set in. I aligned the pictures because they are all equal to one another. This is why I did what I did.

The slide above is what my project looked like for my 9th grade Tech class! I used all of this because I know that it would help get my point across. Not only that, but the reader would get the message without having to take time processing it. After everyone in the class presents and gets graded, we will then reflect about our process. Once we receive our edits, we will then create a new slide and write about what we learned.

Tech Slide
After I presented my slide to the class, they critiqued my work. I was told that I could move a few things around and change some of the colors. I also learned different ways that I could change my position of things. Additionally, i learned different techniques on how to work my laptop to my advantage. For example, I could use things like, "alpha." Alpha is where you can eliminate things , but still have the picture there. I decided to change the words around because it would help the pattern. I also changed the colors of my words to the colors of the things in my pictures. I did that because it would be easy to understand where the colors of words come from. This would make it look more professional. I also deleted a few words so there would not be to much on the slide. This is all due to the help of my peers in my Tech class.