Abstract + Artifact of SLA Bike Week

Sam Sirochman
Rosalind Echols/Diane Laufenberg

My capstone was hosting/organizing a ride your bike to school week.

What I did for my capstone, was decide that May 21st-25th was going to be bike  week. The main goal of bike week was to increase the number of people who ride to school, in order to get a larger turnout I created a raffle with a grand prize of a $50 gift card to Modell’s and also created 4 different posters that I plastered around school everywhere to get the word out. Over time it became more clear that some people weren’t interested in riding alone. My next step was to group people up that are from the same neighborhood, so I started email chains within the communities of people, thus giving people a safer way to ride to school. My main objective was to get 50 more people to ride to school. Also with the influx of people riding to school, we were going to need a more efficient way of getting people to store bikes, so I also had to make the bike rack we had more useful by clearing all the stuff off of it and making it more accessible.

Sticker Final
Sticker Final