Accepting my Name: Identity and Belonging

The gift of name giving (1)
My goal for this podcast was to showcase the history behind my name and it's significance attributed with my father and mother and how I somewhat struggled accepting it. I didn't just want to give my point of view of my name, so I interviewed my father and mother as well. I asked them the same questions so I could get different perspectives. To change it up a little bit, I had a friend interview me rather then just me speaking of my experience because I wanted to have my recollection of memories in the moment to show raw emotion.
Completing this podcast, it wasn't much of a struggle. I had a bit of paranoia working with Soundtrap because of previous experiences, but other then that, it was easy. I would say that the only other struggle was remaining in the time limit. My first draft of my podcast was 15 minutes so I had to edit a lot of audio out that I wanted to keep :(. I learned a lot from this podcast. First, I learned the skill of podcasts with the help of videos of Ira Glass and during class with Ms. Dawson and Mr. Block. I also learned that there are multiple other ways to story tell of then writing and that later on in life, I can use the tool of audio and literacy to present other ideas and narratives. I had a lot of fun doing this benchmark! Hope you guys enjoy!