Accidental Trail

We entered the basement  prepared to catch The Greenfield Strangler in the middle of committing what we thought to be his fifth murder, however when we arrived in the basement of 4302 S. Spruce Lane, there was nothing there but an empty room and the echo of our voices yelling "NYPD", the basement filled with the smell of ammonia and Pine-Sol which told us that he had perhaps cleansed his basement to hide any evidence... or maybe it was what he wanted us to think,  but nothing made sense, all of the clues and evidence that he left behind lead us to this address at this specific time; from The Strangler leaving a DVD copy of "The Usual Suspects" that only played through the first several crime scenes, to his gruesome idea of carving the numbers 4-3-0-2 into each of his victims, leaving all four of his victims corpse on the south of every street, The Strangler calling dispatch at 4:32pm after every murder he'd committed, and this street that the killer gave us during the last call to dispatch, nothing was clear and for the first time I felt that we were at a dead end, that was until I pulled up my pad which contained observations from every crime scene and I looked at every detail, Jim Scippio found in a deserted parking lot south of "Gold's Gym" on Singapore Ave, Diamin Johnson found beaten and strangled on south of 25th and Diamond, Nial Braxton found in an Alley on South Street, under her mutilated corpse was a brochure advertising a visit to East Africa and a tour of the Nile River, Shahir Martin found in a bush South of MLK Drive, I started to realize that every victim was found with with some sort of evidence that was a homophone of their name, and our initial suspect Terry Mathews was an English teacher at a local Public School, our missing victim Kristen Matthews was a former student of his and there is in fact a 4300 block of Christain Avenue not far from here.