Acid Wiki Reflection

Inquiry:We wanted to know what made the effects of acid rain so terrible and how it was created.

Research:We searched up the effects of acid rain on google and wrote down what we knew on a google doc. We found about 5 useful sites for the info gathering and utilized them for our information gathering.

Collaboration:All if us: Ari, Hanna, and Reily shared the work we did equally on the google doc and the retaining of information. All of made a diagram of acid rain in action and the symbolic equations as well as the pictures of it on a particulate level.

Presentation: The fact that all of us had focused on a certain portion of the project ensured that all of us knew a lot about our information. Also, the fact that all of us went back and peer edited the project contributed to our success in this area.

Reflection: I would probably try talk more because I am a sort of quiet person and i’m not good at talking to others. Maybe if I had communicated more with my teammates it would’ve gone quicker.