Adam Feliciano: "Before I Let Go" by Maze Music & Culture

 As a dynamic link to the past, music allows us to recall and revive our different cultural heritages through the performances we participate in now. Music as you already know is sectioned into certain genres. These genres help create and set the mood for the ones who are listening. The part of the culture that I celebrate is cooking out. The genre that applies to my culture is considered “oldies” or “slow jams.”

For instance, one of the songs that we play that is considered “oldies” or “slow jams” is “Before I Let Go” by Maze Ft. Frankie Beverly. My culture listens to this type of music because it brings back the past, when life was just about having fun and spending time with the family.

At a cookout, you wouldn’t play modern day music necessarily because the seniors wouldn’t like it. Some people would like it but not everyone. When you play “oldies” or “slow jams” the seniors love it as well as the younger ones. The younger ones technically speaking the parents like to see their parents (seniors) happy which makes them happy. When the parents are happy they make us (kids) happy by letting us get what we want. As result, it creates a healthy and fun family environment for everyone.

As you can see my culture, which is cooking out uses this selection of music because it basically creates a circle. That circle represents family being together as a one, having fun, and creating a positive environment.

Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly - Before I Let Go - YouTube