Adil Shamsuddin Capstone

When I first started this Project, My goal was to create Both A song And a music video in an environment that best fits the song. I was able to Make the best instrument that I could write to and Find different locations where I felt as though it would be the best places to film. I was also able to Reserve different Affordable Studio times For me to record, Such as "Platinum Sound Recording Studios" Located in New York. This was going to give me the opportunity to finally create my dream Project. I planned to allow people to realize that A video interfaces with a craftsman and an audience, just as associating an audience to a crowd of people. From multiple points of view, they are a significant vehicle for contemporary mainstream society and technology. Music recordings are as yet an intense hopping off mark for executives to sharpen and investigate their creativity. I Learned that In truth, be that as it may, you don't have to have the freshest, fanciest camera and accomplices to make incredible videos. Cameras have stayed the equivalent since they were developed; they are a "life proof" box that gives you a chance to control how the light enters and hits your photograph/ video taking medium through a little gap. Regardless of how costly or reasonable your camera is, this fundamental actuality continues as before. Although I wasn't able to complete the entire project Due to “Covid”, I was able to bring Knowledge to life, which makes me very proud.

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