Imani's song

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Jason Greene (Student 2017)
Jason Greene

I really like your podcast because we did the same topic. I learned how the adoption was different for your grandparents than it was for my grandparents. Great job on design of the podcast.

Michaela Peterson (Student 2017)
Michaela Peterson

That was really good. I had no idea that your family had such an interesting background. One of my cousins adopted a boy from Russia a few years ago, and had to go through a very similar process. I think that it's interesting that people would have the same hesitation about letting a white family adopt a black child. Great job!

Otter Jung-Allen (Student 2017)
Otter Jung-Allen

I didn't know much about your family's ethnic background! It was really interesting to listen to and learn about you and your father's life. The audio was relaxed and your grandmother was really interesting! I loved it!

Benjamin Simon (Student 2017)
Benjamin Simon

I really enjoyed this podcast. I think your grandmother gave fantastic information. The story was easy to understand and I never got twisted around. Narration was informing and definitely helped to guide the story Great job!!!

Pedro Castillo (Student 2017)
Pedro Castillo

I learned that your father was an African America child adopted by white parents. I think that that's pretty cool to have a family of different races/ethnic groups. I also like how you had like a laid back podcast, it wasn't too hype or loud and it seems like you had a very calm interview with your grandmother.