Adowa Mohamed's Capstone

Science Leadership Academy was ranked 16th in most diverse high schools in America. Not many students at SLA knew this so I took it upon myself to make this my capstone and to make sure that these students knew how diverse SLA really was. Summer of 2015 I took a trip to the Eastern part of Africa and really got in touch with my culture and wanted other to understand their own culture. During my time in East Africa I took footage of the culture around me and what really struck me as unique and decided to share that with others at SLA too.

For my capstone, I hosted a school-wide International Day. I asked for students to represent their cultures by bringing in food, wearing cultural clothing, and sharing their favorite stories about their culture. Again, my intention for this was for the students, as well as the staff to, understand how diverse our school is. It turned out to be a success. We had a good time. Many students dressed in their culture attire, we ate good food, danced, and took time to appreciate how different we all are. This is definitely something that I want to happen annually at SLA in the future. It is important for things like this to happen, because we learn so much about each other. In the future however, I’d want it to be bigger. I did promotion, but I think to promote earlier, would have been effective. We had just enough food, whereas next time, I’d want to have much more. I am currently looking for someone who will carry the torch and make this an annual tradition, possibility a junior.

- Photo's taken in East Africa- Summer 2015

- Photo's of the International day event- 4/14/16


International Day 2016!
International Day 2016!