Advanced Essay: "The Broken Glass"

The many ancient hieroglyphics that have multiple meanings. In total about 4 names appear surrounding the papyrus. There are birds and what appears to be a knife. Also a squiggly line kind of like that of a red squiggly line under a word when you spell it incorrectly by accident on a google docs paper. Those were just a few of the images that appear the most throughout the image. This brings up the question of what do all of these mean? They form in different patterns about 4 times as well as they surround the old and worn down papyrus. The papyrus includes the coding of what each hieroglyphic symbol represents in the english translation of letters. All of them are a gold glossy color with a black outline to finish out each design. Also the image is inside of a picture frame with a red border (inside frame) and a gold rigid design with a clean finish to finish the painting (outside frame). Also the hieroglyphics can be translated to each of my siblings names including my own, also my mother’s name (In order from left to right top then bottom; Audrea, Somer, Jordan, Sarita). The painting still remains to hold its color and its appearance, as if it was still brand new and fresh with paint. The painting stretches about 2 feet in width and a little less than 1 foot in height. If I were to hold my arms in comparison to the painting, the painting measures from the tip of my middle finger to the middle of my chest. One day a string of unfortunate events happen. Ma screams to Jordan and Jabaryi,”No more passing balls in this house.” She then leaves the two with the ball and her wond thinking that they’ll listen. Later on in the day they both began to contemplate what to do with themselves. Boredom and akward silence is now abundant inside the home. Jordan: Yo, what are we to do Jabaryi, ma said we can’t play ball. Jabaryi: Why don’t we just play the XBOX ONE. Jordan: You always play that, I am going to be the loser as always. Jabrayi: I’ll give you a score head start. Jordan: Yeah, but no we should play something we’re even with. Some ball. Jabaryi: I’m scared the ball will just be too great in speed and size and will damage the painting. Let’s start though . FEWM, PEW, DOOM. The ball travels all around the room. Then the painting appears to have a crack on it. The two scatter in fear as the glass begins to look like a miniature spider web.