Advanced Essay #1: Six Flags Unexpected Adventure


My goals for this essay was to really step out of my comfort zone in writing and trying something different. Usually, for my essays, I write about a sad event that happened in my life, but this time I did something different. I am proud of the number of descriptions I had put into my essay and using words that I haven’t used before. One way I want to improve in my writing is trying to use new vocabulary and use it in a professional way in my essay.

Six Flags Unexpected Adventure

These days, who can you trust? Life is not always churros coated with cinnamon sugar, or a harness protecting you, or a person telling you that you’re “all good.” It’s different. You walk out in the open and wait for something to happen, like Kingdom Ka ready to blast you away, unexpectedly. Everything is so unexpected you don’t know what will happen next. Six Flags is a place to have fun, but to be careful about. This was not a Six Flag Great Adventure I pictured it will be.

“Omg, it’s so hot!” Walking in, waiting in line, just trying to get from point A to point B, the happy sun shines brightly. “Hi.” Gently I put my skinny, long thumb on the scanner. “Enjoy your day at Six Flags!” People pass by me on their way to Green Lantern, kids eagerly rushing to Bugs Bunny Boomtown. I pass a large, crystal clear fountain and a congenial gift shop. “Get close,” I overhear, as a family huddles for pictures together. The sound of the carts zooming through the wind hums in my ear. “Hi, do you guys want a family photo?” asked an employer. “No, we’re fine.” The cacophony of carnival game sounds; screams, shots, and dings, blend with the voices of people hoping they’d win. We walk on, loud music roaring through our ears competes with people trying to shout over the noise. Heading to the first ride, people accidentally bumping into us. Kids are crying. The smell of churros, pizza and turkey legs mixes together. “Omg! Look at this line, yo!” I shouted. All the rides are going to be long regardless, so we walked in. “Enjoy your ride on Green Lantern!” As the man smiled at us. No shade, skin to skin contact, the smell of sweat, which drowned the deodorant, and bugs roaming around us. In the distance, you can hear a girl’s voice, “All clear. Enjoy your ride on Green Lantern!” As time passed, it was our turn to ride. Everything was green, it looked like the wicked witch house from Wizard of Oz. As the cart slowly came back, the lady’s mouth which puffs up like a blowfish, then popped, she almost puked. They unbuckled their belts, while the harness slowly rises above their heads, as they exit the cart. The grey, dirty gate slowly opens, as 4 people from each gate get on the ride. I sat at the end of the cart, my friends’ sister sat next to me, Kobe, beside her was her brother, Dymond, and beside him was my sister, Yolanda. We all pull down the green harness and pulled it down to our pleasure, then attached the belt to the harness, there were only three clicks I heard, mines didn’t make a sound, but it didn’t come off when I pulled it. Eh! Who cares? The guy will check it for me. From the right side of my ear, a voice entered, “Everybody good?” Dymond said, shouting over the loud sounds. We all nod our heads. From both sides of the cart, two guys made sure we’re secured. The guys make it to our cart, in which he checked Kobe’s and pulled her belt which she was secured, then he pulled my belt and it was secured, or was it? The employees who slowly swung their hand side to side, thumbs up. “All clear. Enjoy your ride on Green Lantern!” As the girl said. Slowly as the cart moves, bumpy, adrenalin running, people screaming, “Omg!” Slowly as the cart makes its way to the top, lights, people, then suddenly… cart rushes down, people screaming on top of their lungs, hands grip to the metal bar, palms start to sweat. The tracks in which vibrates through the cart, to our feet, and to our mind. Reaching its highest point, slow, scared, screaming. Looking down, parking lots, lights, then… “Woahh!” The coaster twists and turns as if we were being twisted like a pretzel, the adrenaline freezes into a rage, the blood pressure that can’t decide what to do, the heart faster beats every second. Everything turns upside down, the blood that rushes to my brain, face drooping, hair dancing with the wind, then… blood rushes out of our brains and back to our feet. White lights which flash a couple of times, a picture. The black leather strap which held me into the machine suddenly passes out. The face of confusion, wondering why I hear metal clanking together. I look down, notice that the belt wasn’t secured and had detached from its partner. The ride was not done yet. Squeezing the metal bars, eyes shut as if there were spiders on my face, standing as still as a statue, heart beating so hard that I could hear it above the screams. This is it. Am I going to make it through the ride? Am I going to die? The cart suddenly stops, as if the cart instantly stops at a red light. Looking to my right, “My seat belt came off!” I said with fear. Suddenly, laughter, “You good?” Dymond said. What was so funny about that? I could’ve died. But luckily I didn’t. To hide the fact that I almost died, I covered it off with a laugh. The cart slowly making its way back into place. The harness then rises, I got off the seat, then make my way to the exit. My heart knows what my mind was thinking… thoughts and emotions started to fly into my head. Was it funny? Did they even care? Who knows? Hiding my emotions is something that I can do, in which they locked themselves up. “Alright, guys what ride you want to go next?”

“Life is like a rollercoaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life.” Well, this is not always the case, life is like a rollercoaster: unexpected, anxious, and trusting. Trust is what you need in order to get on rides. Getting on a rollercoaster and expecting to have a “Six Flags Great Adventure,” turned into something I had not expected. After that mortifying feeling, I had no thoughts or words. My mind was blank and all I could hear was the cacophony of carnival game sounds. With a quick gasp, I thought to myself, no I can’t do this, I can’t trust these lies. I thought I was safe. To this day I think to myself what could’ve happened to me, the thought of holding onto my life couldn’t surpass me.