Advanced Essay #1 Layout

Behind the disc I wrote this story to show tell readers about my experience with mistakes. As you read my story I want you to get wrapped up in the moment and imagine yourself on the field with me. Please take note on the different emotion I express throughout the story. Moving forward I would like to become better with mu analysis, there are time where I feel like I am saying the same thing in different ways. I hope you enjoy my story.

“So do yall wanna call it or play universe in the rain?”


“Alright let's go”

I lined up with my six other teammates. We all had the same intensity in our eyes, I started to giggle with excitement, I mean this is Ultimate Frisbee  at its finest. We had a full 7 on 7, each player was skilled for the game and to top it off it was pouring down raining. My team had defense first so we threw the frisbee down the field. The other team caught it and connected a few passes. The disc gets to one of their handlers and he messed up his throw. I don’t blame him, I mean it’s raining hard and we are throwing a piece of smooth plastic around, it’s bound to be slippery. It didn't matter anyway because not too long after my team did the same.

The two teams were evenly matched. I realized that the other team had one player making all the plays so I called a switch so I could mark him and shut him down. With me on him nobody would throw him the disc. Finally he loses me by faking like he was walking then taking off. He had a good three steps on me, just enough for him to get the disc. He was fast but I was faster. They threw him the disc and using all my speed I ran and dove in front of him blocking the disc with the tips of my fingers. He drops the disc making it a turn over, our disc. I was so excited that I bursted down field and ran for the endzone. My teammate picked up the disc and threw it to me but it fell short of the endzone so I doubled back to catch it. I saw an open man and threw it but like everybody else it slipped from my hands and I threw it right into the other team's hands. They capitalized on my mistake and threw it down field and scored. We lost. For a split second I was the hero of the game but I was also  the downfall of what should have been an easy win.

After the game we gathered for lunch. I was soak and wet so I went back to my dorm room to change into some dryer clothes. The walk to my room and to the cafeteria was kinda depressing for me. I kept going back to the moment when the disc slipped out my hands. Like I can never finish. This is a reoccurring thing with me like I do something good or even awesome but soon after I make a mistake that overshadows my good making my good pointless. I wish I was like those kids who don’t make mistakes or make small mistakes that really don’t matter so I can stop making a fool of myself. The rain sure did not help but aid in putting me into my depressing mood.  I finally made it to the cafeteria and I came in to a warm welcome and everybody congratulating me on my block. It was like nobody noticed my mistake costed my team the game. They were super siked about the D. Somebody even got it on video. I still felt bad but listening to everyone saying that I did good brightened the day and made me feel better. One of my coaches/counselors came up to me and said:

“Why so glum chum?”

“Just thinking about how I messed that throw?”

“Duude! Are you serious? You made an amazing block made the biggest play of the game and your crying over a bad throw. You can’t worry about your mistakes, you must learn from them. What you should focus on is what you did right and give yourself a pat on the back. Don’t let your mistakes rule your life.”

After she said that I started carrying myself different. I became comfortable with my mistakes and I learn from them much easier.  Don't focus too hard on the bad, keep your head up and stay positive. Nobody is perfect accept your mistakes and let them make you a better person.