Advanced Essay #2

The Impact Parents Have On Their Child?

“I am your father. Behave yourself. Stop being difficult with your grandma.” As you can see the parents are making sure to show there kid from right and wrong by telling them what they have to do. they also show them the love and making the baby know that they will always be there no matter what. You also see the mother making eye contact with her kids and husband to show that she is also showing love to them both. Parents are also the most brain in the relationship because sons and daughters would go ask them for any help because that’s what you really want to ask because they might know better from right and wrong and that can show their kids from the best and and learn what’s wrong. Kids always want what they want but parents might have another idea to teach their kids that it might be very bad and wrong to do that. The father would always be with their kids 100% even if they are wrong but they oust also teach them what is was that made them do the wrong thing. The police do not do anything. Some of them are even in on it.” This can tell you that the cops can’t even be trusted and this makes it harder because you won’t have no one to look up to, or call for help, they would just not care and keep going. This is where the father or mother shows up and tell his son that this world is. It what you really think or see, this world makes see what it wants you to see and to show you that it’s about that and it won’t change your mind. It also says that cops are in it and that can be a problem because they have more power than the people so they can do whatever they want and you can’t do anything about. This can also tell you that the police in this country are more powerful just because they can pull over people and this have no rights, and this can be worse for them because they can get killed just because they wanted to make a point. This is where a father has to take out of his time to show and go give the details to their sons to show them that not everything should be about the cops and talking with them for anything and that he should call his dad if it not that bad. People in this world do whatever they want because of the freedom and chance we have. But the father we have to show them the ways and guide them to a better place and mind set that it’s not like people that are born in a rich family that means that you will be rich and your kids and if you are born in a poor family that means you will have the same job and the same amount of money so it’s hard to tell and you can’t do anything about that because that’s the rule. But you can make your own choices and make it better and that’s what a father should say to their child because if they want the best for them they would do anything and whatever it takes. People would try to move to a better place but the problem is if you didn’t go to school and collator would be hard to find a job that would make you a lot of money so it can be the same but at the same time it can be a better life and freedom for your kids and their kids to come. So father would do whatever it takes so that the son or daughter learn from good and bad and a child needs a father in the pic so that can show that they can also be man and learn from the father from what’s good and bad. Something that does not make sense to child or a son or daughter even if it’s something that they have never seen before and that can make them overthink it or want to know more about it. They would always ask the father because that’s how life is and mother for things that are not the big because they might make a big deal about it and they father might not. This world has a lot of things to find out and for most people they don’t want to find out about it because that can cause them big problems or killed so that’s why you should always ask a father that is in the pic and ask hey do you think this is a good idea or a bad idea so that you can learn from them and their past mistakes. You should stay with what you got or ask around for help. In Conclusion, parents are the ones that keep you in check and teach you the ways on what is wrong and what is right. You might like the choices they give you or what they tell you to do but what you have to know is that they want what is best for you and your life. Sources Article Title Figure 2f from: Irimia R, Gottschling M (2016) Taxonomic revision of Rochefortia Sw. (Ehretiaceae, Boraginales). Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e7720. Enrique’s Journey