Advanced Essay #3: The Rules Unbeknownst In Our Society


My goals for this paper were to make sure my analysis and evidence was well balanced. Also to make sure there isn't more evidence then there is analysis.I feel like I did a great job process wise completing this assignment considering I had it done a couple days early. I had plenty of time to revise and I think that will play a big part in the outcome of my essay. Overall, I believe I did a better job balancing my analysis and evidence and had a great topic to expand on.

The Rules Unbeknownst In Our Society

Advertisements combined with the media are constantly flooding our brains with ideas, stories that influence the way we think, unbeknownst. These influences impact what we like and how we think. It alters what we believe is right and what we believe is wrong. The media constructs rules on how we’re suppose to look and act in our society. If the guidelines are broken, we are judged and looked at differently, making us feel isolated from society resulting in a system where people need to change who they are and what they do to fit in and not be called weird or different.

As advertisements influence us without our consent, standards are being built. Whether its watching a commercial about clear skin or a commercial about underwear where they only show “slim” and “skinny”models, you are constantly seeing this, making you think if underwear is only for those kind of people. While advertisements build standards and create rules, social media is what basically enforces it. You might not or might notice how advertisements influences you, but in social media people would go post with the idea of the standards that were built with the advertisements. Now the posts on social media are reflecting back upon these standards.

In a article “Teen Girls And Social Media”, by Nancy Jo Sales talks all about teenagers and their struggle in social media. “She says girls face enormous pressures to post "hot" or sexualized photos of themselves online, and she adds that this pressure can make the Internet an unwelcoming environment.” From experience I have seen girls get more likes on pictures that were “hot” or “sexualized” photos. I'm not saying that you can not get attention or fit in with not posting “hot” photos, but it is difficult. It was almost like if you weren't posting any sexualized or hot photos, you wouldn't attract a lot of attention or you would not be fitting in. The more of these posts that are seen, the standards ore being pressured upon girls in social media.

It's a similar standard for boys as well. In a story “It's Complicated”, it has a short introduction titled, “Why do teens seem strange online?”. They questioned, why would the boy lie to the admission committee about what he's about, when the committee could easily find out online?. “perhaps this young man is simply including gang signals on his MySpace profile as a survival technique.” Survival technique in this situation would be fitting in. The young man’s posts included gang signals, but the reason behind it was to fit in. He was trying to blend in with his local community, and if he did not try to blend in and post the things he posts, he would be looked at differently and judged.

Being judged and the pressure to be someone you not is hard for some people. Especially when there's advertisements showing you what's perfect, right and pressuring you to be someone you not. In a short blog post, “False beauty in advertising and the pressure to look 'good'”, by Jo Swinson, she takes us through her perspective on advertising on beauty. “From smoothing skin and erasing wrinkles to enlarging muscles and slimming waists, airbrushing, or "photoshopping," men and women to so-called perfection is the norm in advertising. These images don't reflect reality, yet from a younger and younger age, people are aspiring to these biologically impossible ideals.”. In this quote she shows how advertisements paint a picture of what perfect is and set a standard for people to obtain. Although, these standards are nearly impossible to reach. “People unhappy about their bodies can develop eating disorders, turn to diet pills or steroids, or try cosmetic surgery and Botox injections.”  People using steroids so they can have that nice toned and muscle to getting a botox injection, so they can have a nice butt, these standards are now casting standards upon people to change their lifestyle just so they can fit in this society.

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