Advanced Essay #4: William Figueriedo

​I decided to write about violence and how it has evolved over the many years that human beings have been around. The reason I wanted to write about this was because I was genuinely curious at how violence reached the state it is today and what caused it. Writing this has been a huge learning experience as I completely see things differently now.


From the very first time human beings were introduced into the world, a technique was widely used by everyone. When humans were using rocks and sticks to survive, this technique was extremely common. This technique was so advantageous, that many humans hundreds of years later couldn't part with it. Human beings became smarter and the technique became much more convenient with, shields, arrows, and other weapons. Many years goes by and technology, as well as the brains of human beings, has improved once more, however, so has this popular technique. This technique is now being used with guns, nukes, electronics and words. As the world evolves, so does the technique. It is one  that causes terror, death, and hate. A technique that has followed us since the very beginning of our creation. Violence.

   When we lived in caves, violence was essential to survival. Killing the enemy was the best way to assure that you and your future were safe. Feeding on the carcasses of violent beasts, who were taken down with violence was an important part of living. This strategy is used even today. Some might say that this violence was only there due to the time and the way of living, however, as we fast forward to the future, we can see it as that not being true. As humans began to create groups and become smarter, violence was still utilized, however, instead of it being used against beasts, we turned it against ourselves. We were violent towards one another over food, land, and mindsets. Today as technology grew once more, guns, drones, missiles and the Internet, are used as a violent calamity. Violence has always been the answer - whether it is right or wrong it does not matter.

   Some might say that without violence we can rid the world of evil, however, what these people might not understand is that violence is essential for living life. The world is cruel and it's almost impossible to live without violence, especially when violence has evolved to become one with us. Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche stated, “I am by nature warlike, to attack is amongst my instinct.” Friedrich Nietzsche uses the word instinct to show that violence is similar to breathing air, walking and blinking our eyes when needed be. This shows that violence has evolved so much to the point that it is within all of us. What once was a simple technique used to get food, turned into a powerful  strategy  capable of wiping the planet. Friedrich Nietzsche also uses the word nature in this statement to show that it is only normal that we feel this way, further strengthening my statements as before.

   As violence is part of us - it evolves along with us, completing us and driving us forward. The world has come to accept violence as a norm. When technology, like the ones we have today, came into being, a new evolution of violence was born. Violence once again evolved, as with this technology you can wipe out a whole country with a push of a button. In the book, “World Wide Warfare” by Marco Roscini, he states, “It is therefore hardly surprising that Cybersecurity has become a general concern of the international community.” We knew that Violence would evolve once again as technology progressed. When Marco Roscini says that it was hardly surprising that violence has now moved towards the technology, it shows you that we are all aware of violence and its path throughout our society. In the quote, Roscini also states that it's a concern of the international community meaning, violence has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon which no territory is excluded from it. Cyber security is something we have created to prevent such violent actions, however, it will never stop the violent attempts.

Violence keeps us alive. It tests our mindset as it it allows our intelligence to grow, however, as our intelligence grows, so does the violent methods our minds can come up with. The growth of our minds depends on the violence that surrounds us, and the evolution of violence depends on the growth of our mindset. These two entities live off of one another meaning, violence will thrive as long as our minds progress.


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