Advanced Essay #4

The picture shows that of a police officer that is standing over a group of protesters and is spraying them with what seems to be tear gas. The students seem to be outraged by this site and they are recording this while they also seem to be screaming at the police officer. The picture to me represents to me the officer the person that is in charge and has the power entering a place where the students who don't have a voice are being put down by the authority because this is a school and the officer is present they must just obey and do as  he asks because the rules of the school do not apply to the outside world.

An officer stands over a group of  students as he sprays them with what to seems to be with some kind of solvent. The officer radiates a look of detachment as if he does not want to be there; as if he does not care. He seems to try to hold back a smirk in the picture in a way of looking down on these students. We see students surrounding the group of kids recording what is happening as officers push back the crowd.

It seems like they are on  a campus of a university where they were protesting then were shut down.  This seem to have been done by an authority higher than theirs. Pushed back against a wall nothing can be done but sit there and take the assault. They knew this would happen and now they have to accept the results .

What are you willing to do to keep your home safe? Would you be willing to take a life or two with just the push of a button? Well in the article “Keeping  America Safe Embrace Drone Warfare”, that dream is a reality. In the article, fighting with drones was something that soldiers did not think was possible. They never dreamt that a soldier could sit in an army camp and pilot the drone  to reach the target. The only problem was what I read in  this was after the pilot had supposedly killed the target.

" The decision maker asks if there are civilians nearby.

“The family is in the main building. The guys we want are in the big guesthouse here.”

“They’re not very far apart.”

“Far enough.”

“Anyone in that little building now?”

“Don’t know. Probably not. We haven’t seen anyone since the Pred got the capture of the target. But A.Q. uses it when they pass through here, and they pass through here a lot.”

He asks the probability of killing the targets if they use a GBU-12, a powerful 500-pound, laser-guided bomb.

“These guys are surely dead,” comes the reply. “We think the family’s O.K.”

“You think they’re O.K.?” "

This is the problem the soldier had taken the life of the target but in this attack, he also might have taken innocent life as well this is because he was not in the field so how could he be sure. To the soldier, he only sees a screen a target you become so emotionally detached that the target is a target it does not matter about the surrounding life only as long as you get the target. That's what soldiers are though they are just civilians in uniform that can not be distinguished from one another just following orders without thought. This is due because the people that are in command don't need them to have thoughts even the slightest idea of compassion or remorse is what changes the tide of battle. We need machines that is all so sitting a soldier in front of a screen telling them to click a button anyone can do that.

What are soldiers really I am not going say they are proud and brave who fight for peace and protection, If I were to say that I would only be feeding you the same lines of B.S. that you hear from recruiters or people that can’t open there eyes to the truth. We are nothing but puppets that can be used for people who have the ability to control us I say we because any of us would press the button to kill a life any of us would put that uniform on and would lose the ability to think for ourselves. This is the simple truth put in the right situation we all have the ability to become nothing but tools for some else gain we all would turn to evil if that's the label you want to use but if that's what we label each other as then we have already taken steps to evil.