Advanced Essay4 , Catcalling why its not a compliment

Goal- Out all of the essays we wrote this was my favorite one to write. Catcalling happens in my daily life and it was finally felt good to write about something that attention need to have. My goal for my essay was to get better grammar , the grammar talk helped me understand how to break down sentences. My whole goal was to make my message heard and I think it was. 

“ The jawn with the fat ass”

“ Oh who me ?

“ Yeah you”

He must be crazy if he think i'm going to let him touch me.

“I'm good”

“ That's why you was ugly anyway”

“ But you wanted me?”

That’s the number one thing that boys/men say to women who ignore them. We can’t be ugly if you just catcalled us from down the street. Have you ever been catcalled ? Do you love the feeling of the way that boys catcall you.Men catcall very differently . Some whisper, shout , rap , sing etc to get our attention. That's not how you get a female attention. Cat called is a thing that happens repeatedly and a change never happens  because now that it happens every time it's a game to people. Disrespecting woman is not a game.  It should not  happen occasionally because men and women are both equal . We are nothing different than men . To most women living in a sexual harassment environment is apart of their daily routine. I feel hat that the definition of harassment can be interpreted in so many different ways but street harassment is based on fear. I say fear because catcalling is demanding. Many women take catcalling as a threat.  It's just only words but women take this as a threat because it's a hostile action towards people.

“ I didn't want you forreal you was just a chick to hit on”

Most men catcall because they want to boost their self esteem in front of their boys to show that they can get any girls they want. Catcalling is street harassment and violence but because it's not physically hitting or shooting someone people take it as a joke.You are still hurting the person feelings emotionally. Street harassment includes whistling , unwanted comments , and homophobic slurs. People are harassed by many reasons. You can be very pretty and you will be catcalled so they can ¨hit¨ or you  be catcalled because their manz wants to holla. Men has no respect for woman especially because being cat called can be embarrassing. Catcalled are based on sexually comments slurs , stalking and assault. Most women and some men will face gender based on street harassment. It limits people mobility and access them to the public space. Street harassment is a gender form of human rights and violation. Public activism against street harassment has grown since 2000. Across the US laws and punishments were made for street harassers but nothing has change the population got bigger. Woman who is a stranger to you they are most likely to be raped. If humans are incapable of creating just societies, why should people stand up to injustice and violence like street harassment? The society we live in justice is not very important anymore because people are still racist. Racism has impacted the system and it affects a lot of people because of that. A lot of black people doesn’t like to speak up because they either got shot or accused of a crime that they didn’t do. People are tired of being accused of things because of their color. It gets tiring after awhile and thats why nobody ever wants to do help make a change again. Street harassment needs to have a stop because it's teaching our young generation that it's okay to disrespect a woman and that will never be okay. Violence wll never be okay.


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