Advanced Essay 3 The Division in Society

Introduction- For my paper my main question was in what ways does society divide people. There are many reasons why education , social class , cultural background etc. I tie all of this into my paper because I wanted to show more the to the topic and make it broader to people. I think I did a good job with my paper I found quotes and sources that supported my argument well. 

Essay- Makayla leaned over and whispered ¨ I can't do it anymore I don't belong here¨. Makayla was a  friend in elementary school. Makayla had a rich family  and attended private school all her life. After a while Makayla had to leave private school because her mother couldn't afford it anymore. It was surprising to hear that  rich people can be broke so fast. They had to move out their big house and move into a smaller apartment that her mother could afford. Since Makayla had to leave her house she had to leave her school and attend a public school which was something new to her. I remember the first day she walked in with fancy earrings , fancy shoes and the wrong uniform. We all stared at her because she was not dressed for public school. She sat down in the blue chair and watched the class. After class was over I went over to my introduce myself.

¨”Hi , my name is Fatoumata what's your name ¨?

She glared for a bit and said ¨ Makayla¨

¨ Well nice to meet you Makayla where are you from ?¨

¨ I'm from jersey where all of the nice homes and fancy schools are at. My mom couldn't afford my private school bill if you know what that is ?¨

I stared at her for a while do she think she is better than me because she is white ?

¨ No I don't know what you mean tell me what you mean Makayla.¨

She started to notice that I was getting upset and decided to continued with her story anyway.

¨ I just want to go back I don't belong here at all me or my mom.¨

Was rich people really this selfish , I couldn't believe it.

¨ Are you this selfish Makayla you can't even compare your story to mines its 10x worse¨.

¨ Well of course it's 10x worse you're black it's harder for you¨.

Before I could say a word my teacher came and said ¨ Girls it's time for lunch hurry I need to lock the door¨

I packed up my bags and ran out the classroom so fast. Before I could run down the stairs Makayla stopped me and said ¨ That's not what I meant Fatou¨.

¨ Don't shorten my name rich girl we're not friends and we will never be¨.

¨ Can you just listen to what I have to say please?¨

¨ What do you have to say to say how hard your life is because your mom lost a little bit of money. You have people who don't have any money and you complained about how life is so hard. You haven't seen anything yet.

I thought about what Makayla said. Black people are always categorized as the poor people. Anybody can be poor it does not depend on skin color at all. I had to tell my friends about what Makayla had said because it's been on my mind all day. After weeks went by Makayla still couldn't fit in a ¨dirty school¨ that's what she called it so I helped her fit in into her new school. I taught her that not everything is handed and it's was hard for her to adjust to her new life but she got the hang of it. She always said she wanted success one of her favorite quotes that she always said was  ¨ When I taste success that's when i'll be happy¨. She did taste success and she was happy.

What I think it's really interesting is that it kind of show all of the strength to the lower class identity. There are also costs to being lower class. What wealth, education and higher station in life gives you the freedom to focus on yourself. The author in ¨Our Kids¨ elaborates more about how the rich people live with money and how they act and how poor people have high school degree or less. ¨ Rich parents go to college , poor parents have high school degree or less.  We have brilliant black people who has masters degree and still are in school.  You don't have to be rich to attend college just have to have the mindset and potential. College is an big investment but your brain is even more.

Education plays a big role in the division of society  because now in society it all depends  on your social class if your education meets the standard that your class does. I don't see why this is very important because education is education and it should be available to everybody no matter how much you have . Education is a big part of the division because not all people are educated as much other people are.. Some schools might be dirty because they don't have a lot of resources that they can pay. In rich schools they better have resources that make the school cleaner or have better resources. People who are upper class individual are likely to attend school of higher quantity because of the money that they have. The lower class attend to schools that are not very rich. College is a choice it's not mandatory for you to go. It's hard to have success because it always depends on your culture, money,social etc.

America will always be divided because of cultural background. America always depends on the culture but with the division it's causing people to be separated.Many people heritage affects their opportunities in so many ways because the way america is setup. People are divided because they don't feel welcomed , or they just don't want to be apart of this racist divided world were in. Racism is still a problem that still goes on but we have to live with it because everyone has their own opinion. Cultural background describes the beliefs , background of the individual because it identifies a person background.  

People who grow up in lower class neighborhoods as I did will say ¨There's always someone there who will take you somewhere or watch your kid. You just always have to lean to people. Wealthier people don't have to rely on each other as much. People from lower class background are better at reading other people's emotions . They give more and help more and if someone is in need they will always be there.


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