Agent of Change

Hello, welcome back to blog post 3! I am Haisha Hahsy and in our literacy class with our teacher Mrs. Dunn has given us all a project called “You And The World.” My first blog (Dec. 17,2013) and second blog(March 1, 2014 ) post started with introducing people to my cause, The Poor In Afghanistan and I showed real life examples and gave ideas on how to help this meaningful cause. Now it’s been quite a while from blogging. Now that we have the research, what are the changes that I/we have made?

On April 24, 2014 was when I had a bake sale at SLA when over 40 people came onto us. On May 2, 2014 I also held a movie night with 5 star dinner.  Our movie was “Alladin” I advertised it at SLA and about 9-13 people came. I personally told 30 people about my cause. This is a change, that more people know, more than 70 people now know only by talking about this cause. I even gathered some donation money to send towards Bayat foundation.

The way I chose to bring change was a fun way. The bake sale was full of sweets and goodies and the movie night was “magical” (thanks to the genie). When I told people about my cause most people did have an idea as I had suspected, but the thing is that; no one knew how important they were in this cause! Everyone thought that they had to donate money but no that is only one way to help, getting the word around helps just as much. The more people that know about the cause the better! I also learned some things about myself like how much one has to try in order to do somethings like advertising and getting the movie night set up, hate to say but it wasn’t the most fun thing I had done. There were lots of ups and downs but, in the end it all paid off because I know I tried and that’s what really matters.

I also feel like I could have done better if I made some more time for myself to get everything done. I also wish that more people would have come because I mean I was really looking forward to my movie night but then some people didn’t show and etc. But more time would have done better, other than that I think I did a pretty good job especially with trying to get everything in order (really hate to toot my own horn). I am also planning to hold another bake sale soon and combine the money to get a larger amount of donation money to send!

I must say trying is the key! Even if you tell your friends about the poor in Afghanistan that immediately throws you into bring change. Even if all you do is a little research or even just read this you are bring change. Like I have said before and I will say again the more people that know about this cause brings more change. If I only can bring this much change, just think if we all did. I think it makes a huge change, don’t you think? If you agree with me, then come on ahead and start bringing change. At the moment you are the key to our success.

bake sale picture, one yummy treat!

and movie night!