Agent Of Change: You and the World, Naomi

Hi again it is me Naomi. For the past month or so that I haven’t written it was because I was busy at work being an Agent of Change. This part of the YATW project revolved around giving back and letting other people know why you thought this was important and how they could help  make an impact.


The way I made my impact was by giving a presentation to my advisory about Teen Health. The presentation itself was a keynote and then I had two short activities for them to do that would help them self reflect on their eating habits. If you would like to see the slide deck click here.  I think the message really went through, in terms of everyone realizing that you can still eat all the foods you and still be healthy as long as you stay proportionate.

The reason I gave the presentation to my advisory was because there are a lot of athletes in my advisory and I think that they are some of the most body image aware teens out there. I understand that they always have pressure to be the best and a lot of the time it has to do with their body weight. I assume most professional athletes know the difference between being healthy and being the tabloids idea of healthy. I think it is important for others to know this aswell. To see the slide deck photos click here. 

While giving my presentation, I did an activity. The activity I did was having my advisees fill out two things. One was a chart that if you would like to see click here. I gave each person in my advisory one and had them fill out where in the rubric they stood and from there what they should be eating on a regular basis. The second paper I gave them was a chart to see it click here. This chart had to do with the choices they are making. The decisions like exercise, snack choices and meal choices. I thought this was important for them to see about themselves because it should help them keep healthy and that is all you can ask of someone.

This also helped me learn about the people in my advisory and how they see themselves. It was hard to try to explain this activity without it making it sound like I thought they themselves were fat, which was obviously the opposite of what I was trying to do.
This wraps up my You And The World project. I would really like to continue making this issue known and helping people of this issue. I also hope that you as a reader of this blog will help me, whether it is on your sports team, in your class or even your family. This is an issue that is very close to me because I was told many times that my body type was not good enough for the activities that I was participating in. I chose to not listen because I knew that I was staying healthy and I was meant to be exactly the way I was. I hope after embarking on this ride with me you also know that as long as you stay healthy you are perfect just the way you are.

Thank you for reading,


To see my bibliography click here.

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