Agent Of Change - Ossowski

In my last two posts, I talked about animal poaching and its effects on people and communities. Slate Post #1, I talked about an interview I did with my dad “The Hunter” and how he thought it effects people and communities, I also talked about my opinion on this topic. In Slate Post #2, I talked about an interview I found on the internet, and a survey I did for others opinions on animal poaching. I wanted to see what people knew about animal poaching. In this post, I will be talking about other research and my Agent Of Change for my You & the World project.

For my AOG, I did a animal poaching scavenger hunt for kids. However, I could not do my Agent Of Change because the park I was supposed to do it at, didn’t let me do it. I was going to donate to a fund called  “World Wildlife Fund”. This fund looked like a good place to raise money for, since I couldn’t volunteer at their organization. I was going to let 20 people come and search for a picture of an animal. Then they would come and get the prizes. They consisted of a mask, a little notebook, a stamp and a sticker.

I decided to do this scavenger hunt because it related to animal poaching very well. I think this was a good way to get the word of animal poaching out because everything was related to animals and they were hunting. They took the picture out of their place and got a prize for it.

This You & the World project made me feel proud for what I tried to accomplish. I almost hosted my very first event. I contacted an organization about everything I could do to help. Even though they said that I couldn’t volunteer, I did try to donate. In my project since I tried to host an event, I had to get in touch with the park I wanted to host the event at. They didn’t get back to me until Thursday afternoon telling me they couldn’t get the park set up in time. Although I did consider changing my AOC, I realized it was too late. If I were to do it again, I wish that I would’ve been able to actually do the scavenger hunt.

I feel like I could’ve done the AOC better because I didn’t give myself enough time to actually do the AOC because of other things. I had to do multiple others things and got sidetracked. I wish I was more focused with projects. I feel like I did learn a lot while I did this whole project, I learned about animal poaching, I learned about my family, I learned about other people in my community.  I also learned about how poachers do their “job” and even about how one came to be. I learned everything there is to know about animal poaching. I also learned how hard it is to host an event, and how much it takes to actually do it. Even though I didn’t get to do my AOC, I did make a change. When I sent my survey out, I made people think without them knowing it. The one question everyone had trouble with was the one I was most interested in. “DO you believe animals should be kept in zoo’s” (that’s not the exact question)

I hope that my project did impact a lot of people and got people thinking on animal poaching. If you would like more information about my topic please look at my Annotated Bibliography.