Agent of Change 3


For my final agent of change I decided to did 3 posters that really set the mindset of how smoking is bad for every human around the world.  When I first started this project I was going to do only children but I quickly realized after some research that it is not only the children that need help, the adults also need help with smoking because I pretty sure they do not realize the extensive and everlasting damage smoking puts on your body and your pockets. So what I did to spread some awareness around my school community was to put up several different posters that depict how smoking affects you and the people around you. My first poster was a picture of the words Ńo Smoking” and below that was multiple reasons and effects smoking has on You My next poster that I made was a picture a vertical cigarette that shows the different ages( to the max of 60). For my final poster I made was a pictures of  cigarette explaining the dangers and how. I realized a lot through these past couple of months the worst of smoking and the effets aren’t just made up, they are real and I learned that from multiple MDs about smoking and the dangers. From this project I also want and have been talking to my family that smokes and sharing this information with them. I believe I should do that because It shows how much I have learned from this project and I feel as though it’s my duty and my job that I try to make a change in people lives to stop smoking to one protect their health and two stop a trend that smoking is cool and I hope that I achieve that with my posters.

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