Ahorita : 12/5/11

Antes de leer

1) ¿Cuántos años tenía Rigoberta cuando empezó a aprender español?

- viente (20)

2) Qué crees: ¿Por qué no pudo aprender el español usando un libro?

-Porque ella no tiene el oportunidad a estudiar en su vida. Ella no sabe como leer un libro, solamente como habla la lengua de Quiché. Ella no permite a aprender español en el tiempo.

Ahora, lee:

At twenty years of age, Ms. Menchú had already lost her father, her mother and a brother as a result of the indiscriminate violence exercised by the armed forces of Guatemala in their attempts to control and suppress the indigenous people.


After growing up amid this violence and repression, Ms. Menchú decided to learn Spanish, using the language of her oppressors to fight for the rights of her people. Since then, words have been her weapon in her untiring defense of the human rights of all indigenous peoples.


Ms. Menchú states that, "We have seen repeated occupations of our land, long lines of colonists have arrived, and they remain today. In the case of my country, 65 percent of the inhabitants are indigenous. The constitution speaks of protection for the indigenous. Who authorized a minority to protect an immense majority?"


Ms. Menchú also states, "Racism in our countries is a fact in that the Indian is not allowed to be a politician or aspire to being head of state. It has reached the point that 99 percent of the indigenous women have not gone to school. The indigenous are condemned to live in a situation designed to exterminate them. They receive a pittance of a salary, they neither speak nor write the language, politics dictates their situation. Is this slavery? I don't know what it's called. It is not the same as before because we are in modern times."


In 1992, Ms. Menchú won the Nobel Peace Prize, becoming the youngest , as well as the first indigenous person to ever win the prize.



3) Hay una creencia (belief) que los indígenas en la América Latina siempre son VICTIMAS y que no se organizan para luchar por sus derechos. En el caso de Rigoberta Menchú, ¿qué hizo para luchar?

- Uso sus palabras.

4) Rigoberta Menchú aprendió español para luchar y defender. ¿Qué conexión ves entre los idiomas y la opresión? ¿Ves conflictos causados por los idiomas?

 -Porque hay era muchas idiomas, era una mezcla de culturas. Las culturas tienen problemas comprenden las idiomas.

5) Los idiomas (language) ¿es un tema (issue) político en los estados unidos? ¿Cómo?
- Muchas perosnas hablan idiomas differentes en los estados unidos, asi que el facto que el idioma nacional es inglés, los estados unidos son mezcla de idiomas.