Aimee Willard Story

Written Version:


Painfully given easily taken

Easily taken, Easily taken

How can 


Be something easily taken.

Being wound up in death’s 

darkness robe, struggles to be free

But yet it 


Rapes you. Beats you.

Kills you. And you can do nothing

Now who would remember,

miss, think, of 

                                                           the life

Of Aimee Willard. How can I

Be remember. As that man welcomed 

Himself into my body. I felt my felt 

wilt away. I felt my heart 

                                                                 and soul

Melt and die under the pain 

of being take. By this stranger. 

For a reason I don’t know

Is this the pain of those young girls

 I never truly took seriously. 

                                                                      Of those

Young soul that never had 

a chance to truly experienced life 

to it’s full extent. To real to explain fully

To harsh. To understand To much of 


If could. I’d save you all. If I could

I would be your knights. Ladies of

 the forgotten if I could I would remember

 you even when you gone. If I could, 

if I could, God, if only 

                                                                            I could

Explain to those who miss me that life

Is something you shall never 

take for granted again but how many 

times have you heard that one before

And before you know it. You

                                                                        never realize

Never forget Death is once in a life time.

Rape is the felling of losing your strengthen

Being beatings gives you that feel of lost hope

Pleas don’t let that control you

                                                                               in life

That’s only heard for so long.


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