Ajanae Mills Capstone

In March of 2018, I and 9 other amazing girls traveled through the jungle of Yorkin, Costa Rica. In this jungle, we encountered some of the most humbling experiences that inspired me enough to produce an informative presentation on it. Through my experiences with the loving indigenous people of this community, I've learned to be humble and giving. Giving my time, my effort and my thoughtfulness to the community and world around me not only creates a safe space for me but as well as my people. Giving in that community gave children and families water and other human necessities, such as insight on education. 

My process started in a classroom. As I dove deeper into the history and current issues in Costa Rica, I began looking at what specific issues I could bring awareness to. My attention was drawn to education, an important privilege I have had in my life that I sometimes take for granted. My belief in a global education system that gives everyone the opportunity to be educated made me want to find ways to help and get involved. 

So I did through my journey in their village and through my journey in this Capstone project. 

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